Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday Equals Money Saved

Don't think of me as a tight wad. I am really thrifty but not a tight wad. And if I can save a dollar or two or even more then I can't turn a deal like that down. So I went to Black Friday. Waited outside of the stores until time to go inside. The whole time my dad is standing right beside me fussing that 3 AM is too early to be out for this shopping mess. I sent him one way and then I went the other. What can I say? He can man a TV into a buggy and not lose it to some nut that didn't get there in time.

The sad thing is we spent the whole day store jumping. I bought several pairs of sneakers from Shoe Show at the mall. Got one of those cute little personalized ornaments from Hallmark. Flat screen TV and a DVD player which was desperately needed. The small 19 inch TV wasn't cutting it no more and I graduated to a 37 inch flat screen. Life has been kind to me this year. I saved a total of $150 dollars and to me that was Christmas enough. Got to be thankful for the alarm company. Dad is the one that pushed me to get a home security system (ADT Security Michigan monitoring). Turning it on makes my house feel more secure.

Guest post written by Kelly Blanchard


chubskulit said...

Did you get great deals Mamilu? I didn't shop, alang pangshopping lol..

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

Go go go GP i want more

Dhemz said...

na ako I want one...I want GP...wala na more...ehehhee!

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