Saturday, November 6, 2010

Great Halloween Memories

Guest post written by Billy James

This Halloween I was sitting in the living room quietly looking up some a hearing aids on, when I started hearing footsteps in the hallways of my apartment building. Every year I get a good amount of little ones that come by. The kids are always a joy to see—especially to see all of their creative costumes! I love seeing what’s popular every year.

Around nine or so, I got a knock from my grandson Jimmie, and I was absolutely thrilled to see him! It was a complete surprise, usually they tell me when they’re popping in. Anyway, this year he’s 5 years old, and this is the first year his mother felt brought him trick or treating. His mother dressed him up in a little devil costume, which I thought it was pretty funny, especially since he’s the exact opposite! But either way, his mother always tells me how mischievous Jimmie is starting to get, and I’m sure she put him in the custom for that reason. Gotta love Halloween!


Dhemz said...

oh dear GP..where art thou...ehehehe!

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