Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jewels by Danielle Steel is a Great Book

Danielle Steel has written books that have been published in different languages all over the globe. Her book Jewels is one of the most fascinating romance and historical books I have ever read. Jewels covers a young, rich American woman who marries a British aristocrat who is a wonderful husband to her. The tale weaves over decades, through war and through triumph and leaves the reader identifying with the main character.

I like to watch Direct.TV when I am not at work and when I have some downtime. I spend the rest of my free time reading historical books and this is when I discovered what a great book Jewels is. Sarahs husband William is sent off to war and she is left alone and pregnant to raise two small children. She falls in love with an enemy soldier as the enemy troops take over her estate during the war.

When her husband finally returns and the war is over, he discovers that Sarah has purchased hundreds of valuable jewels, from dazzling emeralds and large diamonds, from the local people who needed to sell their jewelry to have money to live on during the hard times of the war. The open successful jewelry stores and Sarah and William experience the challenges of this endeavor.

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chubskulit said...

Just dropping by to say hi hehehe!

Mom's Place said...

suroy sad ko diri kay nag nag adgi...
btw..naa diay koy mga Danielle Steel books nga hinatag sa akoa, nya kay di man ko hilig mubasa ug books, ako ra pod gihatag sa ako cousin hehehe.

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