Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stressful Day

We had a stressful day today. We had an early dental appointment for Andrea. We went to a new dentist. Our appointment was 8:30am. For us that is too early but we have to do it. We are even lucky that we got that appointment. We just called them yesterday and they were nice enough to give us an appointment right away.

Anyway, Andrea have a tooth infection. No other choice but to pull the baby tooth to prevent further infection and to ensure that the other teeth will not be affected. Oh gosh, she is not even 3 years old and I felt so bad for her.

She did well despite the crying. I think she is more scared of the new people than the procedure itself. The new dentist is an older guy and he is very thorough. The dental office is really nice. Their anesthesia dispenser is computerized. It didn't took long to remove the teeth. Before we know it we are all done.

Andrea's permanent teeth will come out when she will be around 7 years old (or older). This means she will be without teeth from now on until the permanent teeth will come out. We do have an option for her to have prosthetic teeth. It is kinda expensive ($500 for one tooth). We have to decide in three weeks as by that time her gum will be healed.

When we got home, Andrea told me "Mommy my teeth is gone. Let's go find it". I wanted to cry!


chubskulit said...

Oh poor Andrea, hang in there baby. It's better pulled than give you excruciating pain..

Dhemz said...

oh my...it breaks my heart hearing what she said...:( no worries can afford naman si mommy sa prosthetics....:)

David Funk said...

Aww, poor Andrea indeed. That is heart-breaking to read about what she said. But there wasn't much choice in this given the situation.

Best wishes for her!

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