Sunday, December 5, 2010

Aches and Pains and Sports

After setting my home security system from, I got into my car to drive to the local gym. This particular gym offers an adult sports league for those of us who can no longer keep up with the youngsters. As a kid, I was not athletic in any form of the word. I was a skeleton with a thin layer of skin attached. As I approached my college years, I decided to add muscle to my bones. Years later, I still enjoy sports; however, my body will not allow me to play as vigorously as I once did. My adult sports league allows me to continue participating in an lifestyle while keeping my body in one healthy piece. There are always running jokes and jabs at the aches and pains of each other, but it is all in good fun. I participate in soccer and basketball adult sports leagues, and I can see a change in my home life since I started playing. Going and playing sports is my stress outlet and my wife could not be happier that I no longer take out the stress of work on her and the kids. If you are not as physically fit as you once were but still enjoy playing sports, I would say that an adult sports team is a fantastic way to stay active.

Guest post written by Joseph Finch


Kayce said...

hi mommy! asa mo pakakuha anang guest post? :)

Dhemz said...

agoy tawon...asa naman akong GP sa BV...ehehehe!

musta na mami? miss you a lot! sos tawon karon lang ko kabalik..nana me wakas...mag marathon sako kadali kay ugma busy nasad ko ug unpack...makalilipong....:)

thanks sa opps mami ha....mwah!

chubskulit said...

mamilu, ano yung makaklilipong hehehe.

Ako masakit ang back ko kasi I helped john putting the insulation in the attic...

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