Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Holiday Shindig

Guest post written by Phil Boyd

This past weekend, my side of the family got together for our annual Christmas party. My family is pretty large with my brother's family and my older sister and her family, not to mention all the cousins. We are an eccentric group of people, and we always reminisce on our stories from Brooklyn, where most of us lived years and years ago. It's always a great time with my family. They really know how to put a party together. The great thing is that we all get along so well. It's a really nice thing to have a family that is so close.

My wife's party is the day after Christmas, and I am looking forward to visiting with her family, too. I noticed that my hearing was a little muffled at my family's party, so I think I may inquire about a new pair of digital hearing aids before my wife's people get together. I am big on family, and I am always so thrilled that there is as least one day of the year when we can all get together and spend some quality time.


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Thanks for the guestpost grab hehehe

Dhemz said...

asa man tawon!

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