Friday, December 31, 2010

The Magical Nights of Lights

Growing up near Lake Sydney Lanier, one of my favorite Christmas light locations has always been the Magical Nights of Lights. I remember as a child getting ready for this big event each year. We would bundle up in our winter coats, mom would set the house alarm from, and we would jump into the car to head out to the lake. Every year we would get to the same spot about 3 miles from the lights and traffic would stop. One I got to that spot I knew I was close. We would listen to Christmas music and all talk with each other throughout our wait to get to the huge gate. Once we went around this bog corner the huge gate was waiting, all lit up saying “Welcome to the Magical Nights of Lights”. After we went through the gate the show started. There were lights on both sides of the road on every inch of grass. As we rode though we would see the song the twelve days of Christmas portrayed though lights, snowflake lights falling through the trees, and so much more. The lights went on for 2 miles down the road. Once we got to the end we would always get out and they have a small fair set up, a bonfire for roasting marshmallows, a nativity scene, a gift shop, Santa pictures, and so much more. It was always a magical experience for me as a child and after 20 years the Magical Nights of Lights still exists to today.

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda


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Happy New Year Mommy!!

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