Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Business Faxing Service

For many organizations, fax still remains a vital means of conducting business with your customers, partners and vendors. Because of this trend, faxing technology continues to evolve to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of organizations today. There are now full-featured solutions in any fax services that are sold by top-tier providers. These features help enhance productivity. As the world of technology evolves and as your business evolves too, it is always a plus factor to be ahead of the game. Thus, when looking for a business faxing service, you have to make sure that it has the following features:

  1. Web Administration - with this feature, you can view and manage fax traffic in real time.

  2. Custom Fax Cover Pages - this will automatically sets cover pages that shows company logo and other personalized information.

  3. Integrated Broadcast Faxing - allows you to send single message to multiple recipients in various formats.

  4. Color Faxing - send and receive documents in color, a perfect feature when you send and receive medical reports, photographs, engineering reports and others.

  5. Receive Stamping- imprint the actual date and time of receipt on the bottom of each page.

  6. OCR Optical Character Recognition (OCR Fax Services): Convert an electronic fax to plain text, allowing you to edit, copy or cut text from that fax message and import it to another file format.

  7. Message Archiving - outbound and/or inbound messages are automatically archived.

  8. Vacation Routing - route faxes to one or more alternate email addresses during vacation or period of absence

There are more and other features of a faxing service. Most probably you won't need all of them immediately but when looking for a long term solutions, you have to consider what you might need for tomorrow as the business grows. Just imagine the advantages of advance business faxing services and how your company profits from it.

One of the most overlooked consideration that impacts the cost of all types of business services (i.e., text message broadcasting services) is flexibility. Flexibility that provides ability to scale to an organization’s changing needs. Remember that flexibility enhances productivity, so don't be caught without it.


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