Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Great Vacation

Last weekend, my wife had a great weekend visiting our son and his lovely wife in Staten Island. We also absolutely loved that we got a chance to see our little grandson after not seeing him for quite some time. Our son showed us a really great time. He brought us to the Staten Island ferry and guided us to Manhattan for a chance to finally see the big city. It was really an unforgettable vacation this time around! We got a chance to see Central Park, Times Square, Wall Street and a lot of other iconic places. We've never seen anything as visually impressive as New York, and we are glad we got to go this time around.

Back at my son's house, we all played board games, played with our grandson and caught up with my boy and his lovely wife. We also couldn't help but notice that he really made some great improvements to the house. He said he found out about some great options from It's good to see that everything in my son's life is great. This past New Years was the best yet!

Guest post written by James Sinclair


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