Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seafood Lover

I grew up eating fresh fish and other seafood everyday. We even eat fish for breakfast. Growing up in an one of the Philippine Islands, there are plenty of fish and seafood supply and you can easily buy them in the market. Our daily meal will always consist of rice, fish and vegetables. That was healthy eating. Fresh fish and vegetables.

When I got here in Alabama, I had a hard time finding the usual food that I like. Fish and other seafood as well as fresh Asian vegetables are hard to find. It is true that grocery stores sells fish but they are in fillet. I prefer the whole fish. Eating fillet fish to me is like not eating fish at all.

After all these years, I have adapted to American way of eating. I admit though they are mostly unhealthy and for that reason, I blame it for my weight gain. I am just glad that I found a place to buy seafood. When I craved for fish or other seafood I just buy them at I Love Blue Sea. This is a website that offers online seafood sales. They have the largest selection of sushi-quality, fresh, sustainable seafood at the best prices. Can you imagine how excited I am finding this website? This means I can buy oysters online too. Oysters are my hubby's favorite.


Trish said...

wow - seafoods! yum! :0

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Happy Thursday! :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

dropped by from TBE and followed..

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Lui said...

hi lulu, thanks for the visit =)

i think im lucky, i love seafood too and di ba sarap ng seafood natin sa pinas. when we moved to Phnom Penh kala ko I wont ever see a fish again on the dining table pero I was pleasantly surprised, though they are almost landlocked on most sides, they still have lots and lots of freshwater fishes and its cheap too..

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Cecile said...

thanks for dropping by, Lulu :-); was here from TBE, too!

Reader Wil said...

I love fish, rice and vegetables! I grew up in Indonesia! Fortunately we have great fish mongers here in the Netherlands, as we live near the sea.

Dhemz said...

hay buhay...dugay na jud ko wala katilaw ug lab-as!

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