Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shopping for Girls Shoes

Have you ever been excited for something so simple? A mommy friend of mine is. Her little girl will be a flower girl, for the first time this weekend.

She has been so crazy excited waiting for how the dress will look on her little girl. They actually went to the first fitting and she said at the end, she was so teary-eyed because her baby was growing up fast. Now that she's seen her little girl in the dress, next was the shoe.

My friend isn't a shoe-a-holic. She couldn't care less what kind or type of shoe she wears. But when it comes to her daughter, she recalls that she was so picky and they almost spent half a day just looking for the perfect shoe for her little girl. She said she didn't imagine that shopping for girl shoes would be so exciting and tense. Now she knows that it’s a different feeling when it’s for your child. She claims that she has never been as stressed as she was last weekend.

From dresses to shoes, or even to simple shirts and hair accessories, moms just have this instinct of wanting the best for their children. This is so true especially when it comes to special occasions that mark a milestone in their children’s lives. Regardless of their child’s age, every first is important, is special, and should be perfect.

As a mom or a parent, have you ever felt this crazy excited feeling for something so simple?


yen said...

one of my dream but i still don't have mine yet ;(

the all-around mom said...

oh yes, I'm always excited whenever I buy clothes and shoes for my kids, especially nung nag-first communion ang aking panganay - very excited to buy a white dress and shoes for her. :)

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I do! I get excited whenever my boys need to wear something special for a certain occasion. I'm the one that is always excited, lol!

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chubskulit said...

Now that Rye is in school, I get nts whenever she 's into some activities in school.. Im in a nervous wreck lol..

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