Thursday, February 17, 2011

Huge Bathrooms

Have you ever watched one of those shows that feature a large house with enormous bathrooms? Those bathrooms are like a suite from The furnitures, accessories, mirrors and enclosures are just perfect and it makes the bathroom so elegant. The bathroom in itself is a huge room.

Don’t get me wrong, I love our bathroom. It serves its purpose well and it also serves as my getaway sometimes. I love my alone time in the bathroom after a long day’s work. I appreciate those moments of quiet when I just get to soak in a warm bubble bath and think of nothing to relax myself. Sometimes I even light scented candles around the tub to wind down. The bathroom is actually kind of my escape sometimes.

I wonder though if big houses with big bathrooms also go through such an experience. I mean they have their indoor spa and pool, and sometimes even their own sauna that their bathroom is just what it is, a bathroom. It’s not a big deal really but sometimes we learn to value things or rooms in life because it adapts to the way we live. If I lived in a mansion, maybe I wouldn’t be feeling so sentimental about my bathroom either… but then again, who knows?


lerra said...

yeah..its nice to have one..hehe specially if we have children..huge bathrooms will be perfect!

have a good day!thanks for posting!

Vernz said...

Kung ma-storya ng bong bong sa amung bathroom daghan jud na siya itsismis hahaha..

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