Friday, February 25, 2011

Lucky Bamboo

A good friend (Mami Shy) sent me this bamboo last year. It was shipped and it was still small. I can't believe how much the lucky bamboo has grown.

The lucky bamboo now sits on our dining table and it is looking really healthy. I hope the bamboo brings more luck to us!


anne said...

I am sure it will bring you lots a lots of good luck this year and the years to come. Visiting here through bloggers exchange

Vernz said...

amen Lu.. maambunan pud unta ko sa swerte.. hehehe..

shydub said...

see mao daghan ka ug sapi ky naa mn ka lucky bamboo, awa datu naka bwahahahaa. mami shy tagae sd ko lucky bamboo ky namatay na akoa hehehe

Dhemz said... mami shy, nangayo sa iyang! ako alive na alive pa...hehehe...basin mao ni nakadato ug samot nimo mami...ehehehe!

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