Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Personal Playground

My mother-in-law and I has been talking about giving Andrea a personal playground. We have been discussing this for a while now, but we waited until Andrea is old enough to enjoy them. At 3 years old, I think it is the perfect time to buy her those things.

We found a very cute pink doll house and we have been eying for that piece since like forever. We really like for Andrea to have her own playground but that will not happen until we move from where we are now. Having her own playground means we need a bigger yard.

On top of the doll house, we also wanted to buy her a swing set because whenever she is in the playground, her first destination is the swing. I believe that if she will have her own swing set she will absolutely love it.

I found this perfect swing set for her at CSN Stores. It is a Flexible Flyer - 42016T - Swing N Glide III Gym Set which you can see the picture below. The list price for this set is $499.99 but right now it is on sale for $149.99 only plus free shipping. I think I have to buy this and just put it in the storage until we can find our new home.

If you have a toddler, this is a perfect time to shop for swing sets. You can always put it in storage and put it up after winter. With the price listed above, this deal won't last. Better hurry and shop now.


yen said...

good idea, so u can invite some kids to join her or maybe if you have party. great for summer though

chubskulit said...

sige punta kami dyan hehehe makikilaro, yan din ang aming goal this year kasi luma na yung amin..

Pinx said...

sana yung barangay hall dito sa tabi namin, bibili ng bagong playset kagaya nyan...kasi nakakatakot umupo sa swing... baka matetano! hahahaha!
visiting you here via The Bloggers Exchange! my other blog dropped by too!

w0rkingAth0mE said...

my daughter would love this slide but we need house of our own first.

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