Saturday, February 26, 2011

Severe Weather

Alabama is known to experience some extreme weather conditions when it comes to having thunderstorms and tornadoes. During my first year here, I was really surprised how the weather can be awful. We do have plenty of thunder and lightning in the Philippines but it was nothing compared to what I have experienced here in my present residence.

The first time I heard the siren indicating tornado warning, I was shocked as it was so loud. Then hubby explained to me how we should keep ourselves in a safe place during tornado warnings. I guess it helped that we can watch the weather coverage in our television as to be updated about any other severe weather situations. I am just glad that my Direct TV seldom gets out even during severe weather. When we expect a bad weather, we always turn on our television and watch the local weather news. Thanks to a reliable Satellite TV service, we can always be updated on anything.


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