Thursday, March 31, 2011

Credit Card for Business

I love using my credit card. Don’t worry, I’m not in any kind of debt, I definitely know how to control my spending. My cards are especially handy for emergencies since it can be used anywhere. It saves me time from trying to find the nearest ATM machine just to get some cash. But for those who use their personal cards for business purposes, sometimes this is when problems begin. Company expenses are sometimes so huge that payment becomes a problem for an individual, plus the fact that sometimes reimbursement takes so long that you just need to pay for it on your own.

This is what I advised my friend who’s starting a business. She thinks of all the things she needs to buy to start out that she’s scared it may interfere with her personal payments. I told her to apply for Business Credit Cards instead. All transactions for their business should be on a separate business credit line. This will ensure her that she alone will not have to worry about their expenditures since it will be listed under the company directly. I do hope she listens to me and tries to learn more about having a separate business lines of credit. I know it will help her a lot as well as protect her from personal debts in the future.


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