Friday, March 18, 2011

Effective Crowd Control in Banks

When I was still in the Philippines, every time I travel by air, I let my cousin purchased my plane tickets online. I didn’t have any of those very useful plastic cards. Every after a ticket is purchased, I paid her by depositing the money to her bank account.

Business transactions in any Philippine banks is really different here in the USA. It requires a lot of time there. Almost always, you have to expect a very long line and the bank was always so full. There was crowd control fortunately, the bank guards were instructing the clients to wait for their numbers to be called. When a number was called, one has to follow those in line within the velvet rope . There were also a couple of stanchions to hold the velvet ropes.

Some banks that I’ve been to do not have this kind, I admire their way of keeping the crowd in control. In this way too, bank clients are kept cool because they know they will be served in due time. The bank too has a barricade of security guards thus, making the clients feel more safe and secure. It’s just so good to know that some banks are practicing this. It goes to show that they are truly valuing their clients.


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