Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun-filled Weekend

We had a fun-filled weekend. Yesterday, we decided to spend our afternoon at the Leeds Park. After we spent couple of hours in the playground, we walked at the park and then we went to the creek to cross the bridge which Andrea really loves.

It was also nice to see our friend Josie and her husband was in the other side of the park. She and her husband were enjoying the day at Leeds park too.

We had a great weekend and Andrea enjoyed it so much. After we were at the park we went shopping. Then we took our naps and after dinner we went back to the store to rent a movie.

We topped our Saturday night with two movies.

Simple fun. Family bonding. Love it!


Vernz said...

apil ko kada shopping bi.. hahah.. agi ko Lu..

Dhemz said...

sige lang jud ka ug shopping kami wala man fun among!

salamat sa pag follow tawon...mag misyon pod ko today.

Shydub said...

yup and we cant wait for spring to kick in full swing aron magpakigol mag stroll stroll

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