Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Need to Protect My PC

As a blogger and internet user, I always make sure that I have installed in my PC and in my laptop an effective anti virus software. It is a must for every one that uses the internet because it protects the files and programs in the computer system. An anti virus software program can eliminate if not totally eradicate harmful threats to the computer’s operating system. It detects malwares and preventing you from opening emails or videos that are carrying these “deadly viruses.” With a anti virus software program installed in your PC or laptop, you can always feel secure opening emails from friends and relatives. This can also lend a hand to have a safe environment when you go on research or doing an assignment.

As a blogger, it is of utmost importance for me to have protection against computer viruses and “bugs” because I do so often hop from one website to another. Now that these threats are rampant, as we hear them in the news, there is really a need to safeguard our important files and programs. I make sure that I always check my anti virus software and update it if it’s necessary, I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to my important files and documents. I also avoid downloading mp3s or games as they may be carrying these threats rendering a complete shutdown to my computer. This is what I’ve learned, that computer security is dependent on the anti virus software and vice versa. But by installing an effective anti virus software program will give me the security and the peace of mind as a luxury.


Joy said...

i agree! just don't forget to update your av software regularly :)

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