Friday, March 25, 2011

Tired but Happy

I am tired but I can not complain as I enjoyed staying up late talking to my Mom through voice chat. We talked for over 2 hours. Because of our time difference I have to adjust my hours to her time. It was so good to talk to Mom even if we are just talking about anything and everything, nothing of specific sense.

Mom and I seldom talk that long but the other night we were able to talk long because the connection was really good. The voice call doesn't have any problem at all.

Now, what I really wanted is to take a nap but I just have to wait when my daughter takes her nap and I will take mine too.

Happy Friday everyone!


kat said...

wow, chatting diay mo ni mother dear nimo...

wa pa man mo reply si Alexandra Lu, anyway, last night lang nako sya na ko oi...labat pati ako ulo...pila diay ila bayad if mo link sila Lu?

Anne said...

You already must missed your Mother Lu. I am sure your mom too!

BTW do you mind if you visit me here too? Thanks
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