Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Have You Filed Your Taxes?

The deadline is fast approaching. We should all be filing our taxes before April 15. Have you filed your returns yet? I already did! I usually don't wait for the last minute because I know that even if I procrastinate doing it, I still have to do it.

I have learned to file our taxes on my own because ours is not complicated. It is very simple as there is only 1 w-2 in the family and a couple of 1099. It is not hard to do it yourself because there are plenty of resources and most of them offers free tax filing. I did mine online and it was not hard to do.

I know that some people who has complicated returns can't meet the deadline that is why it is important for them to file tax extension. Filing your tax returns is your personal obligation and it is required by law. So, remember to file your tax returns and don't let it slip your mind.


Dhemz said...

dugay na nahurot among tax refund...lol!

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