Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Mexican Store

A new mexican store has opened few blocks from where we live. I loved it! They have products that I can't find in our local grocery store. They sell freshly baked bread that I love and most of all they sell cooked food that almost the same as Filipino food. My friends and I have been going to that store to buy their cooked food.

They just opened a week ago and they still don't accept debit and other forms of card. They only accept cash or check. Though they are not a very big store, they are already using usb barcode scanner which make it somehow easier for the cashier whenever it is check out time already.

I am glad the new mexican store has fresh fruits and vegetables as well as fish too.


Dhemz said...

na mau pa diha kay mabaklay ra....ehehhehe...dire tawon, naa man me sa!

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