Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Best Dad

I am very lucky to have the best father any child could have. My dad is not perfect but he is the best father in the whole world for me. I am also luckier that my husband is the best father to my daughter. I know that life in the USA is fast-paced yet, my husband never fails to spend some time with our daughter. They always bond and spend quality time. They enjoy their time together playing, reading books, walk and a lot more. I am so proud of my husband for doing such a good job in making sure that he can spend some time with our daughter even how stressful his day at work is.

This coming father's day, we want to give him something special. A gift that will remind him how thankful we are for having him in our lives. The gift will be from me and from my daughter. I saw some Military Watches and I think it is the perfect gift for him. I find this kind of watch perfect for him because of its durability. Considering my hubby's type of work, he needs a reliable and durable watch that will withstand his type of job. I am also thinking of ordering it online and perhaps engraved a personalize message on it.


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