Saturday, May 14, 2011

Credit card harassment

Using credit cards have always been easy and usual for me. Unfortunately, I've heard a lot of horror stories from my friends back home who overused theirs.

Most of the time I know it's probably their fault. Using their cards to live beyond their means will really cause a big problem. But still, they shouldn't go through hell just because of their mistakes.

Some of my friends tried to delay paying their dues but realized that after a year or so, the original amount needed to be paid doubled or even tripled. Also, even though they wanted to pay, they couldn't because they weren't allowed to pay an amount within their budget. But that's not the worst part. Most of them have experienced Collection Agency harassment. They've been sent letters telling them they'll be sued and all that and some of my friends are deeply affected by it.

I just hope collection agencies in my home country treat cardholders with respect even if they have unpaid debts. Resorting to harassment is not a good practice and may even ruin one's life.


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