Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend!

What a week! We had a lot of fun and family bonding. A three day weekend. I know I was not in the blogland for the past 3 days. Weekends are for family bonding and family fun. I have to put my blogging into the backseat. This is just how it is.

Anyhow, we had a great memorial weekend despite the rising temperature. We spent most of our time fishing.

Saturday, hubby and I went fishing and I caught the biggest bass I ever caught since we started fishing. Andrea stayed with her Nana and Papa. I had some friends came over that night and I fried some fresh fish!

Sunday, we went back to fishing and brought Andrea with us. I really didn't fish much because Andrea and I played. We built sand castles and we found some seashells.

Monday, we decided to just stay home because we were wore out from the heat for the last two days. On the second thought, we bolted out and decided to just go fishing again. While hubby was fishing, Andrea and I were busy playing. Then after a while we went for a swim.

Muddy. Tired. Happy.

As a reward, I made spaghetti for all of us!


Dhemz said...

agoy g career na jud ang fishing...ehehehe....korek mami, backseat ang blogging pag holiday/weekend...not unless kung naa opps...ehehhe...exempted...lol!

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