Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My brother' request

I chatted with my brother few nights ago. He told me that there is newly opened internet cafe near where he lives. They have a wifi connection. He then hinted that he wants a laptop since it will be easy to get a free connection. He also mentioned that there is a free wifi in the municipal library which is also few meters from where he lives.

I told him that right now, I can't afford to buy him a new laptop as I just bought a new desktop for myself. I also told him that perhaps when we go home next year, I can bring one of those refurbished netbooks for him. I just don't want to send it to him because international shipping is somewhat costly. I told him to just be patient because if I have enough money, I will surely buy him one.


Dhemz said...

sos mami...ka afford lagi ka oi...ehehehe!

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