Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Playdough effect

I have been hosting get together with my Filipino friends for the past 3 Fridays. We all enjoy each other's company but I have to pay the price though. My daughter's room is always in a mess with all the kids playing. I really don't mind because my daughter is having so much fun too. She also learned how to share whatever she got. It is different when it is her toys being shared.

At one time, the kids found out the play dough that I hid. They played and I just saw different colors of play dough already in the carpet. What a mess! I need help to restore my carpet to its good condition. I have been scraping the play dough but to no avail. I think I need something like the best carpet cleaner austin. I think I really need a heavy duty cleaner to get off all the play dough in the carpet.

I just wished that I live in Texas so that I can hire the Steam Team to do the works for me. I was browsing at their website at http://www.thesteamteam.com/ and I was so impress at the services that they offer. Their 25 years of experience in total cleaning and restoration is a proof enough for me to trust them.


Dhemz said...

mau pa dire da kay suki kau sa BV...no wonder wala nay opps kay nahurot ug grab...hehehe...joke!

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