Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Batteries for Camera

My old digital camera uses AA batteries. I love to take pictures thus I use a lot of batteries. I hated it when all of a sudden the battery is gone and need to put a new one. I got tired of buying batteries and they are not cheap mind you. I decided to buy camera batteries rechargeable and since then I spend less on batteries for my camera.

When it was time to upgrade my camera, I bought a camera with a Lithium-ion battery. I love my new camera as the battery provides longer use. Having a camera is a must for me because I have a toddler and I want to capture every special moment with her.

Digital cameras are perfect for me because I can easily download whatever picture I take and upload it to my blog.


A Woman's Note said...

Lagi oi, ako digi cam kalas kaayo ug battery...plano algi ko mupalit ug kanang recharble camera...para i-charge lang sa kuryente...hehe

agi ko Lu..

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