Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chensun Mills | Chensun Mills Philanthropy

Missionary Chensun Mills Works On Costa Rican School Building Project

Chensun Mills believes in the importance of giving back. A devoted church attendee and philanthropist, Chensun Mills continuously seeks ways to improve, both to her local community, as well as the broader, global community. Her altruistic nature has recently led her, along with seven other fellow church parishioners, to Costa Rica. Chensun Mills arrived in Costa Rica ready to work and make a difference as she and her group dedicated themselves to building a local school for the many poor young children struggling in this area of the world.

Chensun Mills Makes A Difference In Heredia

Chensun Mills and her travel party landed safely in Heredia and began the task at hand. The escuela, or school construction, had already been started by a previous missionary crew. Chensun Mills was part of the group that finished preparing the flooring for concrete pouring and tiling. The escuela will cater to children ranging in age from under one to age twelve. Chensun Mills feels fortunate to have been part of a project that will provide a safe, nurturing environment for many underprivileged children who may not otherwise receive an education.


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