Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Growing Up Fast!

When my kids starting walking I thought I’d never get over it. Just yesterday they were my little babies! I really love spending any time I can with them and my husband’s been great about getting off work at least once a week earlier than normal so we can take them to the park or do something as a family. They’ve gotten really into all those Pixar animated movies so I decided it would be fun to go to and order us a satellite package so during the day when he wasn’t home we could watch it together. They seem to be loving that and they usually fall asleep about halfway through so it’s fine by me because I can get some of my housework done that’s always piling up! I just can’t believe Tim’s going to be starting school next year and I’m starting to feel that all-too familiar itch to have another one again. I know what my husband will say about that but I just have to ask!

Thanks for the post, Nora Howe


imriz said...

another one...oh! good luck ^_^

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