Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vacationing in Canada

If I am ever given a chance to visit Canada, I will bring my family to Alberta. I have read so many fascinating things about this province and I am sure my family will enjoy a week or two stay there. Or if our budget and schedule permits, why not make it a month-long vacation? As early as now, I have been reading about Calgary Rentals and I have listed down some of my choices already! Talk about being excited. Hahaha!

Who would not be excited? I just read that Calgary is a popular destination for winter sports. It makes me daydream of skiing in the famous Canada Olympic Park and watch the kids play hockey in their Olympic Oval. We could also go Downtown to eat, immerse ourselves in culture, and even shop! The Heritage Park Historical Village is a must-see so my family can learn about pre-1914 Alberta. I am sure we will be fascinated with the historic vehicles like the steam train, paddle-wheel boat and electric streetcar and the various replica building.

If we will push through with this, I will contact my Filipino friends who live in Canada. Who know, we might have time to hook up for some coffee or dinner.


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