Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wet Shaving Using Shaving Brush

I love a smooth skin on my husband's face, who doesn't? Hubby knows how much I hate when I see him unshaven. Every morning, when he brings his razor up his chin, he aims for the perfect shave. Because I always like it when his face is smooth, he has mastered the art of wet shaving.

Wet shaving is just what the term implies which means keeping your face wet with plenty of hot water before, and during, the entire shave. When you keep your face hydrated at all times with lots of hot (not scalding please!) water while shaving, you will notice the difference - shaving is more comfortable. The hot water opens the pores of the skin and relaxes the facial muscles, and it softens the whiskers for more effective cutting. Wet shaving does not only gives effective shaves but it will also provide a better looking skin.

If you want a perfect shave for yourself, keep in mind the three ingredients:
  • Good razor. Use high-quality, NON-DISPOSABLE razor. Disposable razors are extremely hard on the skin because the quality of the blades. The the classic double-edge safety razors are preferable.
  • Good brush like badger shaving brush. Use only the genuine badger brush as the cheap ones will not be comfortable to use.
  • Glycerin-based shaving cream. It produces a rich lather, prevents razor burn and softens the skin.
The biggest difference when it comes to wet shaving is using the shaving brush.

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