Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why Join Country Clubs?

I used to work in a country club. It was a country club in one of the most exclusive subdivisions in Manila, Philippines. It was a fun job and I enjoyed the many benefits that I was able to get being a worker there. That said country club offers many benefits to its member. If that country club can offer lots of benefits, can you imagine what the Palm Beach Country Clubs can offer? I bet, limitless!

Most country clubs offer several different types of membership. There are single memberships, family memberships, non-resident memberships and social memberships. You can choose whatever type of membership that best suits you.

For some individuals becoming a member to a country club is a dream. Being a member of a country club gives you privacy. It is a good place to meet new friends, entertain business clients, and mingle with different kinds of people. This is also a place that can be a good source of business opportunities. Being a member also gives you a chance to play without being disturbed. Through other members you have a great chance of being invited to play in other country clubs. On top of that, most country clubs have several tournaments per year that you can join.

Country club memberships can be expensive. Is it worth it? Definitely!!! Joining a country club is indeed an ultimate luxury purchase for people who can afford it.

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