Friday, December 9, 2011

Gift Ideas for the Movie Buff in Your Life

Finding Christmas gifts for movie lovers can be a difficult task. It is not as simple as just purchasing a DVD or Blue-ray disc since true movie buffs will likely already have pre-ordered new movies and be stocked up on their favorites and the classics. For a satisfying Christmas present for a person with even the most sophisticated movie collection, try one of these unique Christmas gift ideas.

1. A Universal Remote Control. True movie lovers will appreciate the ease and convenience that an upgraded remote control allows. Models such as the Phillips Prestigo SRT9320 touchscreen remote will work with any home entertainment or theater system to simplify movie watching experiences. Available at Amazon ( or Best Buy stores, the remote costs about $170. Movie buffs will love the sleek touchscreen remote that allows them to operate up to twenty different devices with a simple touch.

2. A DVD Cleaning System. Movie lovers will be able to restore older, scratched discs with a system designed to clean and polish DVDs. Available from most electronic retailers such as Best Buy, or numerous online websites such as, DVD cleaning systems an affordable gift costing about $25. Systems are available that both clean discs as well as DVD players and these might be the most appropriate option for avid movie watchers. The recipient will appreciate being able to keep his or her collection in tact without having to replace scratched or worn discs.

3. A Subscription to Netflix. Available through the Netflix website (, this gift will allow movie watchers to watch all the newly released movies from the comfort of their home or travel location. Netflix streams movies instantly over the internet and has a collection with thousands and thousands of movie offerings. Buying several months worth of subscriptions, or enough to last a year, is a thoughtful and useful present for movie lovers. Monthly subscriptions cost around $8 depending on location.

4. A Popcorn Machine. Good movies require good snacks and any movie buff should have the equipment to supply snack cravings. The classic movie snack, popcorn, is especially essential for good viewing experiences. The present of popcorn is one that movie lovers will savor all year long. The Cuisnart Popcorn Popper is available from Williams-Sonoma stores or their website ( for around $60.

5. Unique Movie Posters. Help movie lovers decorate their home theater, or any part of the house, with unconventionally cool remakes of classic movie favorites. Available through Etsy ( for prices ranging between $5 and $50, movie lovers are sure to appreciate these artistic film tributes.

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