Friday, January 27, 2012

Afraid of the Surgery

Isn't it odd that while some people are scared to undergone any surgery, others specially celebrity are have been in an out to their specialist for a different kind of surgery. Well, my husband is scared with needle. Perhaps, he is not the only person out there who is scared of such. I had a friend, her husband just underwent bulging disc surgery. That was already a long time ago and it went well. She said that her husband refused to go to the doctor at first because he is afraid to learned about his hernia. But for the sake of his health and family, he braved himself going through to that surgery. The treatment was the hard part because he had to take a days off from work and had to be assisted most of the time especially in the first couple of days. After the surgery, her husband was good as new. So, nothing to be afraid of when going through a surgery. Just think of your family and if you know that you specialized surgeon to do the job, you feel confident that everything will be alright.


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