Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Organizing my Virtual Life

I admit, I have a busy virtual life. I have plenty of sites that try to maintain. I read news online. I kept in touch with family and friends online and above all, I shop online. My day is not complete without checking online. Sometimes, I tend to forget which to visit first. Believe me, virtual life can be a clutter too that is why I love clipix . Clipix is a free and a very useful tool that helps organize ones life online.

Clipix makes my online life easier. It allows me to save and organize interesting websites that I like to come back on when I have time to peruse it or read it. Whenever there is a website that catches my attention, all I need to do is to clip it and it will be saved in my clipboards. What is more interesting about clipix is its privacy settings. You can maintain a customized privacy settings where you can limit the number of individuals that you may grant access to your clipboard.

Check the video below on how easy to use clipix and how it can help you organize your virtual life. Clipix is addicting mind you.

I already registered and started using clipix and I loved it! Visit their website and register and enjoy this new tool. Below is a sample of my clipboard.

Interesting eh? So, how would you like to use clipix? Share your thoughts through comments.

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Mrs.D said...

back to bizniz na dire da...ehehehe!

welcome back mami...:)

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