Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Secret Surprise

Valentines had passed and I am sure many couples celebrated it not just with flowers and chocolates but with passionate hugs and kisses. Valentines is one of the holidays that sells many gifts which is not only limited to chocolates and flowers but also some men give their wives or girlfriends diamonds, trips or cruises and even sexy lingerie. There are many valentine gifts to choose from. The price varies. Some are affordable and some are way beyond an ordinary man's budget.

Anyway, when I went home to Philippines, I gave one of my friends a sexy lingerie and other beauty products. I told her that those things will help spice up her married life. It was my secret surprise for her.


Pinx said...

is this me??? or nag assume ra ko.. wahahaha! by the way mami, haven't worn the sexy lingerie you gave me... hehehe..will wear it soon.

Mel Cole said...

hahahaha...ug nag-converse ang duha ka friends hehehe such a lucky friend :)

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