Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dried Lavender

What kind of flower would you like to receive in a bunch or in singles? If you are to wed, what flowers would you choose for your bouquet? Would you choose fresh flowers like Roses or Lilies, or would you prefer dried flowers like Dried French Lavender or dried Everlasting? Well, it definitely is the choice of the one who will receive the flowers or that of the person who will carry the bouquet through the aisle. Some choices can be predictable and common, while others have the tendency to be very creative or highly imaginative. That's why the commercialized flowers are born. Think about Blue Roses or the Green Roses that some flower shops produce during special occasions. The Garden Gates have many different flowers, dried or fresh, that they sell in bunches, apart from all the other items that they have. Mother's day gifts, home decors, and anything and everything where flowers can be incorporated.

Of course, one does not really need to buy anywhere else, as one can also plant his or her garden full of Roses, and all other flowers of choice. It is also a much better alternative to give a plant, complete with the roots an the leaves, with the flowers of course. But however it is done or presented, the act of giving flowers will surely be very much appreciated.


Pinx said...

dried lavender would be unique for a wedding bouquet mami. i had white roses ra for my bouquet. salamat sa laag.

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