Monday, August 6, 2012

Camp & College Home Décor

When you have kids there’s a good chance they will be heading off to camp or college at some point and that calls for special planning and preparation .You will need everything from dorm and camp bedding to laundry bags and clothes hampers – typically there are special requirements which can make it difficult to use what you have around the house so some specific shopping may be in order.

Most dormitories do not use standard twin size beds, instead they feature twin extra long which is commonly referred to as twin XL; standard twin fitted and flat sheets will not work on these beds so you will need to invest in new bedding. Quilts and comforters in a standard size will work just fine so there’s no need to invest in new ones although it’s not a bad idea. A reversible quilt or comforter is very practical in a dorm or camp environment as it’s unlikely the items will be laundered as frequently as you might wish.

A hamper with a built-in laundry bag is a great idea as there’s a high probability that laundry will be coming home if not going back and forth to a laundry room or other facility. If you can find a hamper which doubles as a seat or a nightstand this can be useful, especially in a cramped dorm room. Storage space is always an issue so items which can do double duty are especially useful.

Since your child may spend a lot of time in bed lounging, reading, texting or working on a laptop, it’s a good idea to have more than one pillow. The pillow they use for sleeping may not be suitable or provide enough support for other activities. A bed pillow with arms, often called a “husband” is very comfortable as are bean filled pillows.


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