Monday, August 13, 2012

Scholarships, the Best Option for a Better Education

Learning is a never ending process. Even in our daily routines, we are learning and our mind is continuously processing a lot of things. Sometimes, I wish to go back to school and learn a new skill perhaps to broaden my horizons and open up new options. In my free time, I look for scholarships which will somehow fund my schooling, should I pursue one. If I don’t, then it would be for my daughter especially when she enters college soon. I know it is still quite very far, but preparing for it as early as now is but a wise thing to do. If times are hard now, I would like to presume that when my daughter will soon get to college, times will be much harder. So considering a scholarship would be the very best option.

I do hope that more scholarship and parent-friendly school options will still be very much available when that time comes, that way, I can give the best for my daughter.


'Mum-2-3-' said...

Yes, it would ease a lot of financial sacrifice if they qualified for scholarships. I like to go back to study as well or get a qualification.

Deli said...

Hello Cuz. Is this a new blog of yours? Or you just changed the design, layout? I Love the color :)

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