Monday, November 12, 2012

A Visit to the Doctor

Since I was diagnosed with diabetes, I visit my doctor's office at every 3 months.  Every time I have an appointment, I also have to do some lab tests.  This is to make sure that I am managing my diabetes well.  So far so good because every time that I visit my doctor, my lab results shows better.  The last time they do lab work my A1C was 5.99.  It was a very good result.  My hard work had paid off.

One of the things that I hate when visiting the doctor is the wait times.  You spend long hours waiting in the examining room and the lobby.  Though they always provide some books and a very nice waiting area, waiting is still waiting and nobody likes to wait.

I am very comfortable with our family doctor.  She is very competent and just very nice.  The last time that I went for my regular check, her nurse put me in a different examining room.  It was bigger and there were complete sets of medical equipments and I noticed the welch allyn diagnostic system and wall transformer.


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