Monday, November 12, 2012

...and the STAR Cargo Finally Arrived

When we just moved here in our own house, I sent a balikbayan box to my family back in the Philippines. I sent the box first week of July.

I expected the box to reach its destination be 1st week of October the lates. My mom was really worried why it was already November and the box was not there yet. She asked me to follow it up. This was the first time that I ever use Star Cargo. I usually use LBC.

Finally after two follow ups, the box arrived last weekend. My family were so happy that they got the goodies. They had fun digging at the big box and trying to divide whoever gets the one that were unlabeled.

Most of the times, I label the goodies so that everybody gets their share but I also include some items that are for everybody and no label needed.

I remember how fun it was opening a balikbayan box. I am glad they finally got it. Now, they need to wait 2 more months to receive another box. I hope it will get in time for Christmas!


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