Thursday, November 1, 2012

Games for Girls

One of the games that my little one loves to play is the dress up games. She has a couple of dolls that she loves to dress up. When she was about 2 years old, she never likes to play with dolls or any stuff toys. But still, we kept on buying her these stuffs hoping that one day she will learn to appreciate it.

When she was almost 4 years old, that was the time when she started playing with baby dolls and started dressing them up. Her Nana bought her a doll complete with diapers, clothes,stroller and the like to complete the set. She loves feeding and dressing her baby. She even carries her baby diaper bag and keeps on telling me that it is time to change diaper.

Now as my daughter is nearing 5 years old, she now plays with dolls and play pretend with them. She even learn to play dress up games online. She is so clever in playing her computer games that sometimes I wonder how did she ever learn to do so.

Anyway, one of the websites that I introduced to her is the This website is dedicated for Games for Girls. There are plenty of games to choose from. They have disney games, mermaid games, makeover games, spongebob games and cake games. She tried many more games that you can find in this website. She accidentally clicked some piano music games too. My daughter loves to pretend that she is in a band and she is either a band player or the music conductor. When she found some piano and music games in this website, she was thrilled.

I let her enjoy different games in because I know those games are safe for her. The cooking games and baking games are also one of her favorites in that website. I am sure she will discover more games as time goes by. This website also add new games every now and then so I am sure my girl will not get bored playing around in this website.

If you want your girl to enjoy girl games online, visit!


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