Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tetris Game

I didn't know that it was called tetris game. When I was in high school, that was when my older sister brought home a brick game. We live in a small town and having a sort of electronic game was like awesome. Only few people in our neighborhood even know what a brick game was. It was only during the weekends that we can play that toy because it was only weekends too the my sister will go home to our house.

Saturday nights and Sunday nights were our brick game nights. We have to play our best and outscore each other. We took turns. There were few of us at home and there was only one brick game. I remember having to argue with my sister and brother especially when it took them so long to have the game "game over". It was a lot of fun.

When we were exposed to computers which was during my college years, I found so many online games. I play some whenever I get the chance to go online. When we finally had our own computer in the early 2000's I downloaded some online games that we can all play. We didn't have the luxury of unlimited internet connection then that is why it was better to download games.

Now that I have my own laptop and unlimited use of wifi, I can play as many online games as my time allows. Playing tetris game is one of my favorites because it challenges me to score more and more each time I play. It makes me think where to put the next block and makes me find way to score bigger. Tetris game is like a puzzle game. It is a tile matching puzzle game. It attracts many people of different ages to play. There are many children who play the game too. Tetris game stimulates the mind, and especially creates ambition for success, this reason alone is a proof why this game is one of the leading online game worldwide.

Over the years, there have been wide range of Tetris games. Now, if you want to sharpen your mind by playing tetris, you should check out They have all the tetris games that can keep you entertained for hours.


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