Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dora Singing Sensation

I thought that my daughter is "over" Dora already. It has been a while since she last wanted to watch a Dora movie. Then yesterday, out of the blue, she wanted to watch the Dora Singing Sensation. She told me that she hasn't seen that movie in a long time and she wants to see it again.

I put the movie on and she was singing with Dora. In the middle of the movie she blurted "Mommy I want a trombone!" My reaction was like "what???". Then I realized that she saw it in the movie.

Of course, I am not buying her yet unless she really is into that kind of music instrument when she is a little bit older. I saw some Jiggs pbone at WWBW that will be a great buy when the time comes that she will really play music.


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