Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meeting my Brother

Few months ago, I have found out that my brother who is working as a seafarer is working in a ship with Europe - USA route. One of the ports that they dock here in the USA is in Mobile, Alabama. I was excited because this gives us an opportunity to see him in person again. The last time we saw each other was January of 2012. It was over a year ago that we saw each other when we visited Philippines in time for our parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.

They also dock in New Orleans, Louisiana which I am dying to visit. Now, I have an excuse to plan for a trip to New Orleans. First and foremost is to see my brother and secondly to explore New Orleans. I wish that we can finalize our schedule.

My brother told me that they come to the USA every 1 1/2 months and the first time that they came here was end of March so by mid-May or so they will be here in the US land again. I am very excited to see him before his contract to that job ends. So far, we plan to see him in Mobile and the second option will be in New Orleans.

Mobile is like 4 hours drive from where we live. With that long trip, we plan to rent a car to be used on that said trip. I am glad that rental cars are available at a discounted rate even near our place. It will be much easier for us to rent a car during this trip because it is a long trip and we don't want to over use our own car.

As I am writing this, I get more excited because wow, I can see my brother again. It will be awesome and my daughter is also excited to see him.


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