Thursday, September 3, 2009

College Football Kick-Off

Today is the start of college football. This is the time of the year that fans like me are looking forward to. I really miss watching football. I am one of those fans that can stay in front of the tv to watch the game for hours.

LSU our favorite team will be playing this Saturday night. But of course, we will watch the game tonight between Boise St. and Oregon.

Why College Football is better than NFL?
  1. The passion of the game is incomparable because the team symbolizes you... your school... your town... your alma mater
  2. The rivalries like Alabama-Auburn, Army-Navy, Michigan-Ohio, USC-UCLA.... and so on! These rivalries are unbelievable because who ever loses on this rivalry always grieves for its defeat.
  3. I love the halftimes where the bands showcases its talent.
  4. The ticket prices are way cheaper.
  5. The many bowl games.
  6. Defending the BCS Championship or the will to win the crystal football trophy for the BCS Championship.
College football is all about passion, the love of the game, dignity with no money involve and of course the hundreds of thousands of fans....


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