Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Foods that Fight PMS

I know a lot of girls who suffers PMS. I am one of the lucky ones who doesn't have this. I know how bad it is to suffer from PMS. Here are some tips to lessen PMS. These are the foods that if you eat can ease annoying symptoms of PMS.

Berries are good protection against preperiod cramps. Load up on fruits and vegetables. These help cut down on the production of prostaglandins, chemicals in the body that cause menstrual cramps. Fruits and vegetables have lots of fiber, which will keep you regular, so you won't suffer diarrhea many women get on the first day of their flow.

Olive oil, sunflower seeds and almonds. These are rich in vitamin E, which has been shown to reduce breast tenderness.

Skip fast food and processed food. Burgers, fries, and packaged products, such as soups and frozen meals, tend to be high in sodium, which makes the bloating you're prone to during your PMS week much worse.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Thanks for this very informative tips, Lulu. I have PMS sometimes. It will depend on my past few days activities and diet. :)

shydub said...

Im glad im one of the lucky ones too who have no PMS. minaupaus mn gd ko dritso lulu

dhemz said...

nag PMS lang ko mami after ko nagminyo....waaaaaaaaaaa....hehehe...on the first day lang nuon....my solution? drink half glass of beer...din wala....baha pay imo...lol!

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