Monday, September 14, 2009

Women's Breast and Men's Health

Since I was a child, I always hear or read in books the saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Of course that is impossible for a child like me to have an apple a day mainly because from where I grew up, apples are expensive... We even have a joke in the Philippines that goes like this... " In America, only poor people eat apple. In the Philippines, only monkeys eat banana."

Anyway, a new study reveals that STARING at women's breasts is good for men's health and makes them live longer. Can you believe this? Researchers have discovered that a 10-minute ogle at women's breasts is as healthy as half-an-hour in the gym. When men stares at women's breast they get sexually excited that their hearts start pumping and improve their blood circulation. An average man extends four to five years of his life by engaging in "staring at women's breast" activity.

Hmmm... for women like me (who is less endowed) is it time for breast implants to help men's health? If you see your husband staring at women's breasts should you not complain since it has health benefits? .... this is funny! I couldn't help but laugh while writing this....

I guess men or husbands has excuse now if you you catch them looking at somebody's breast!

For more of this study... read here.


Anne said...

Oh my mami, tnx for sharing this. But if sa lain motan-aw akong banana dili pede jud. Hahahah! makaloka ni ako ni pabasa akong hubby if magkauban nami. Dili sa karon kay basin mangita!

chubskulit said...

oo once in ablue moon lang kami makatikim ng apples grewing up/..

shydub said...

na pareho ra ta lulu. cge lang bahala wala apply naa mn star apple waaaaa ug uban pang mga lagotmon amen. nya abunda sd sa banana mgamonkey mn gd hehehehehe.

Mao bitaw lulu inig adto nmu sa park daghn mn mag sun bathing didto ako ipatan aw akong bana ug si jake ky vitamins bya sa mata waaaa.

April said...

hahaha! I am not sure if I will accept this as an excuse but surely I know what to do when we're all alone... thanks for sharing! by the way taga-Cebu mo? keep in touch! you may also visit me at

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