Sunday, September 6, 2009

Philippine Ferry

While I was working and studying in Manila in the late 1990's to mid 2000's, I have traveled with different ferries from Bohol to Manila and vice versa. During the late 90's airfare was very expensive (like 3x the ferry fare) so the choice is to come home to bohol via ferry. It may take 24-30 hours from Manila to Bohol but it was always worth it because as we always say... there's no place like home.

I have fair share of bad experience with big waves and bad weather during our travel. I remember I have experienced being delayed for 29 hours because of the tropical storm, the ship needs to take cover in between islands. The water run out and the only food left was egg.

Sea accidents are common in the Philippines because of tropical storms, badly maintained boats and weak enforcement of safety regulations and yes overloading.

Lately we now prefer to travel by air because the airfare is just a little more over than the ferry fare. Traveling by air is only 1hour and 45 minutes so it is more convenient and air carriers always offers discounted seat.

Anyway, I just read the news about the Superferry 9 that sank in Southern Philippines where 3 were killed, 880 people were rescued and 80 more are missing. For more of the story please click here.

Picture of the ferry that sank


Anne said...

This is really scary. Ngano tawon sige na ni kahitabo sa mga barko oi. Karon murag naa nay mga gadgets from U.S to help.

Thanks for this info mami.

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